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Fatal Attraction

15 Apr 2006 on Musing

INTERNET!!!! I just have to sit in front of my comp and i can easily spend 5 hours on it… blogs blogs blogs, wordpress, flickr, youtube, photoshop, flash, css, plugins etc etc etc. While I do learn bits and pieces I simply cannot afford to do this NOW.

I have the best exam timetable ever… notice there is a gap of 4 days between each exam and I only gotta go back for 3 days. Lovely!

Now the only thing i gotta do is…

  1. Study mug mindwork
  2. Workout -  guess what! i lost weight again :(  When I workout regularly i gain weight and when i don’t, i loose! Weird!!
  3. Play a little muzzzic

The only thing i don’t wanna do is: INTERNET. It has become a fatal attraction for me. Ok so there i go off until 2 may!

I wanna taste this forbidden fruit called the internet only after 2nd May. So let me see how well i can resist this temptation and conquer myself. The time starts NOW!

Wish me luck!!!! :) And I almost forgot…Goodbye Blogspot!! ;)