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Familiar faces

26 Sep 2005 on Musing

Sometimes you know the people who are featured in the newspapers…last week I came across 2 such situations.

One was the prof of my favorite module to date. If you love exploring universe, black holes, outer space and what is life, go and take his module! Here’s the sneak preview…and I totally loved it!!! The project he gave was also interesting…I mean you have to find your originality and come up with a story based on any of the lecture note topics. Guess what I did! I fused Romeo and Juliet and Wave Particle Duality…haha! Appreciation of Shakespeare amidst Modern Physics…fusion of arts and science!

And other article was about my friend…who sat next to me for 2 years of my secondary school life. I remember her for being so encouraging during those nerve-racking polling days in 1999! Muahahahha! Very enthusiastic girl and I remember her classic remark to me, “Sooooooooo irritating!!”

This just makes me think that well the friends you have today might go on to make BIG news and headlines in future…so watch out for one another!! You never really know what the future holds for you, isn’t?