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Engineering and the Arts

25 Sep 2005 on Musing

Break is over and now it’s really time to dive in. In fact I think I was having a 5 months break since May. So what have I done so far…I really wonder. My piano teacher is going to France for 3 weeks!!!! I’m drooling….she’ll be in Paris for 5 days, then Loudre and Province. She has asked me to be a good girl and continue playing piano and improve my sight reading. I promised her and of course I’ll be definitely playing a lot of piano… sweska squeals

I have finally drawn up the “piano” and I guess within these 3 weeks I have to put in some music to these keys. The keys look quite funky eh! The grand finale will be a duet with jazz with a bit of magic from sweska’s swirl…. Check it out!! Once in a while, we engineers do create pieces of art in our laptops and labs ok?

Then for the coming weeks there’ll also be a lot of marketing marketing marketing… Our product is settled and we are having a board meeting for the company’s executive directors tomorrow. There are 8 competent and efficient directors and we are all girls… remember? Next comes Electromagnetism and the ONLY thing that I remember is this beautiful piece of geometry designed by an artist called Smith. Who says engineers cannot appreciate art eh! Well we can actually fuse Arts and Engineering. This Smith chart is supposed to find out load impedance, angle of transmission coefficient and…I shall stop here because I don’t know how to continue.

55 days, 8 weeks or exactly 2 more months to go and I shall remain positive and focused. Yes, I do have interesting things to do and I just have to keep trying!

And well for now, I shall take a huge breath of air and dive in …