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28 Sep 2005 on Musing

I had an adventurous dream today…i occasionally have interesting dreams like this and i forget them. I think they can quite easily make a plot of a film.

I went to some show with my parents and we sat at the last row in the room. Then when the show started the group of youngsters came and sat in the row right in front of us. I suddenly saw that one of them had a GUN!!!!…i was stunned and speechless. They were planning to attack somebody… My next thought was how to get out of here without making them suspicious. My mom being so gregarious even caught up a chat with them. How to tell her to be careful…and she was glaring at me when i asked her to stop!!! At one point of time she turned to me and said, “They are students just like should learn to be like them!!” The show was going on and my mom and them were chatting and creating noise, so naturally people around them ssssshhhhhoooooeed.

Then it was interval…knew that i couldn’t come back. So, I threw a tantrum and demanded to go and eat in the lawn of the building. My dad started scolding me, “what is wrong with you?” They still followed me to the lawn below and i was planning to corner my parents to tell them what i saw. Then suddenly out of no where, i started seeing my Cedar seniors…and they caught me and started chatting with me…..UUUURRRRGGHHHH!!!! Why must i meet them like NOW!!!Somehow amidst the eating and chatting, time rushed to the end of the show. Yes, we were not in the hall, but in the building below. Then, i hurried to the road side to get a cab…“Hurry!! I need to go home!!” Some hassle and confusion…then i finally got a cab and i pulled my parents in. “BANG BANG” There were loud shots of gun and i told the driver to drive fast!! pppphhhhheeewww….safe at last.

I woke up …and went back to ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz knowing it was all a dream.

What does these kind of dreams mean?!?!? Why do we have dreams in the first place???? It’s a great mystery and man is still trying to find an answer… Some say dreams are your subconscious thinking. Maybe I’m always thinking about the well-being of my parents, or my cedar days or craving for some adventure?!?!??!?!