What we will learn


Adding Layer Mask

  • Click the icon in the Layer palette
  • A mask layer will be added to the selected layer
  • Use Black and paint on the mask layer to conceal the graphic on the layer
    Use White on the mask layer to conceal the graphic

Editing Layer Mask

  • To make a Layer as a Mask, Select the Layer and drag it to the Mask thumbnail
  • Only the portion of the picture will act as the revealing section

Removing Layer Mask

  • Click the Mask Layer and click the delete icon

  • Choose Apply if you want the mask portion to erase the grahic
  • Choose discard if you want to delete the mask totally

Type Mask

  • Choose the Type Mask Tool

  • Type in something
  • Choose the Marquee Tool and the text will appear as a selection

  • Right Click and choose Layer via Cut

  • Delete the layer with the background and you will have the following

  • Apply Layer Effects to make it look more stylish
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