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different names of Germany

02 Apr 2008 on Learning

I was wondering why Germany has so many completely different sounding names for different languages. Eg. in German the country is known as Deutschland, in French as Allemagne, and in Polish as Niemcy. So in general i found there are 6 different names for Germany:

  1. From Old High German: diutisc giving rise to Deutschland
  2. From the Latin: _Germania _giving rise to Germany
  3. From the name of the Alamanni tribe giving rise to Allemagne
  4. From the name of the Saxon tribe giving rise to Saksa
  5. From the Old Slavic word or the name of the Nemetes tribe, giving rise to Niemcy
  6. From the Germanic word giving rise to V?cija

… making Germany the nation with many different names, with different tribes of people