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Connections and Relations

05 Mar 2006 on Musing

3 cousins got married within the span of 1.5 years and I didn’t attend a single one!!! _*sobs* _ Saw my cousin brother’s wedding pics….so warmly…all the relatives from around the world united to celebrate the creation of another generation, addition of another family, union of 2 people. Obviously a transition could be seen… you could see the transition of leadership from the grand-parents generation to my parents’ generations. My mom laughed and said she’s becoming an auntie-in-law to so many of my cousins. The groom’s mother told mom that she cannot imagine being a mother-in-law now… she still feels so young at heart. I also cannot imagine this transition… it’s all subtle, but change is inevitable.All the pics reminded me of the old photographs of the previous generation… striking resemblance, only time has changed.

I see the resemblance… the passing and creation of a generation. The greying of the older generation, the blessings, the same ceremony, the 7 rounds… it’s so fun to watch them! The giggles in the background, the large gatherings…

I see the differences. Hmmm… Love marriages are becoming more common in my family. The word ‘mother-in-law’ is becoming less intimidating… haha!! Brides are becoming more independent and capable. Grooms are becoming shyer and blushing more…hehe! The age gap between those getting married and mine is narrowing… and mom’s changing her views on arranged and love marriages. Mother and daughter coming to a compromise… but it’s no use now because it doesn’t matter anymore, like it did a year ago… oh well…

I saw my nieces and nephews in the pics… I have not met many of my kid nieces and nephews. I wonder if they even know that a mashi or a pishi exists somewhere far away in Singapore. Far-away is one word that is becoming non-existent with the lovely thing called technology. But still nothing beats human contact.

Must make an extra effort to keep in touch… I cannot be known just as the daughter of so and so because if this continues for long, all connections will be lost. The challenge is to see how my generation will keep in touch despite the distance and further connections. At any point of a generation how far will your contacts and connections go?? Until the second cousins mostly. With more and more nuclear and smaller families how will this story continue?? Will we start keeping in touch with 3rd and 4th cousins too??

My generation = 2 first cousins + 23 second cousins