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30 May 2006 on Musing

I really wish I could show you all more… the actual pictures amidst the sky, the sea, the choppy waves and the sun.

So try to visualise…

The calm sea waves, the glaring sun, the fluffy cotton clouds in the distance and then suddenly a light spot in the horizon. It grows bigger and you can see a huge SIA plane approaching and it flies right in front of you… a scenic shot.

The choppy sea waves, 20 more kayaks in front of you, the approaching thunder clouds in the horizon and you all paddle through a channel lined with sail boats and they all sway here and there amidst the roaring wind. The storm is coming…

We are waiting to cross the busy channel and finally there are no ships in sight. The instructor shouted, “Stay close and paddle fast!!!” And there we huffed and puffed…no stopping in the channel and so we paddled fast knocking each other and turning each other. The energy and euphoria is worth another shot.

But having said all these, there’s only so much we can see in Singapore. But maybe it’s all a blessing in disguise that we are sheltered from the huge tsunamis by the Javanese Islands, we are not in the edges of the plate tectonics and our terrain is as flat as a runway.

Nature’s wrath… no matter how trained we are we can never challenge it. We can only marvel at it from a distance.