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Basic finance research

18 Dec 2007 on Learning

ok some of my friends have been asking… so here’s how we can all find out a bit more simpy from online research easy research. NOTE: the examples are not recommendations, but mere illustrations. these are not the only and most efficient ways… i’m just sharing freely as a beginner on what i know :) hope it helps.

STOCKS AND SHARES of a particular company… online:

  1. Identify the Company eg. Chevron
  2. Identify the Stock Symbol by simply searching it eg. Chevron Stock Symbol ok so the Chevron symbol is CVX
  3. Open a free online finance account eg. in Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, MSN Central. There are many others as well… suit the one best for you.
  4. Add the Stock list in the watchlist eg. in MSN Central
  5. Click the Chart and you can view the Charts in terms of years or months and even compare against common indexes such as DOW or NASDAQ or even display in different graphs eg. Line, Bar and Candlesticks
  6. If you want to know more about the company just search Investor Relations. Eg. Chevron Investor Relations… it’ll lead you to the company’s website for investors and you can download many free documents of info and financial reports for further research