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15 Feb 2007 on Musing

Bui bui is sweska. That’s what i am called at home.

Bui bui came from the words that i first learnt to mumble from my mouth when i was really a baby. Since then, more than 2 decades have passed and well, i have forgotten to learn some thing new every other day.

Bui bui Blabbers is thus created and i’ll be posting up something new every day. Some thing that i have always loved, some thing that i never knew, some thing little and some thing that i want to know.

And on top on that i’m expanding my reading list. I’m gonna read a new book every 3 days :P Look out for it!

Life is short… i have decided that i’m not gonna sit and tell myself i dunno this and that. I need to know a lot more to drive myself along the path that i truly love. And that will be my destiny. Talking about destiny, I just got reminded about the beautiful urdu lines that dev told us. It’s written by Muhamed Iqbal

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle Khuda bande se khud pooche, bataa teri razaa kya hai?

Raise yourself to such greater heights that before writing your fate God asks you himself, tell me how should I write your destiny?