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07 Dec 2009 on Learning

A+S = Analysis + Structuring I have been an information gatherer mostly. And gathering tons of information is easy. But can we naturally come up with a clear, short, easy understanding of any subject. In essence, can we explain what we have learnt to a 5 year old? Can we explain our 2-year thesis in one page diagrammatic slide? I got a glimpse of these tools and techniques through the workshop i have been attending… it was an insight!

But the most fun part is how we can actually create our own frameworks like the commonly known 4Ps and BCG Matrix to beautifully synthesize our understanding of any topic. When we can do that on a daily basis, then it truly reflects our understanding wrapped up in just one page or a simple acronym.

So in summary, my biggest take-away from this workshop would be to develop my own framework. Now, i never really thought of processing chunks of information in this manner!