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Aquarius - the water bearer

12 Jan 2007 on Musing

It’s been raining cats and dogs outside… shouldn’t go out. It’s cold and you’ll definitely get drenched even with umbrella, wet until your ankles with flood and most importantly you’ll reach home really really late. I left school yesterday after my Universe lecture at 530pm and guess what time i reached the door steps of my house?!??! at 815pm… ggggrrr %$#@&

But right now i’m wonderfully warm and comfortable in my room while outside is still raining. Who cares! And i’m enjoying my dose of Greek mythology after the constellation lecture yesterday. I decided to look up on Aquarius constellation out of the 88 constellations that ancient people have connected the stars. This is Aquarius…

Picture Credit: Chandra X-RAY Observatory - Constellations of Aquarius

Does it look like water bearer?? I think it looks like some spanning tree in my coding algorithm or the shortest path taken in the Dijkstra Algorithm. Haha! Well… thanks to the wonderful imagination of our far ancestors, we have far more interesting stories from the skies and stars.

And it’s still raining… i think Zeus is now pouring down the life-giving form of water on this tiny island :P

I love Aquarius!