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another view from the window...

17 Mar 2008 on Musing

I woke up yesterday morning in a little room, tucked away in a small French town - Tours. And when I opened my window, it was a new view all together.

After merely 3 weeks of travelling to 3 different places, waking up in a new charming place has become a norm and well, this change is simply normal now. You get used to opening your mind to seeing different things, people and food and along with discovering new places, you start to discover more about your inner thinking… there’s only me and me all the time.

On a funny note, i discovered i’m a total confusion. Just now, Jazz pointed really correctly… i could not simply find my way to tutorial rooms or from LT6 to E2 computer lab in the university, but I can make my way all alone from Nord-Pas de Calais to the roads along the Loire River…. uh well… getting lost and found! That’s another post… a little time later.

i’m still basking in the memories of the Loire Valley - the small cobbled stoned alley, those bricked houses and little Flower markets or that Chateau built on that high cliff…. *beems*