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Anatomy of my iTunes

28 Dec 2009 on Musing

About 2 years back, i discovered another world of free content - podcast!! And now subscribing through iTunes and watching them at almost every other free time makes me very very happy! Over time, i  started subscribing at an enormous rate and i was never able to finish listening to all of them. Hence, achieving Inbox 0 is heaven for my humongous list of 30+ podcast. A few days ago, i had over 1000+ unwatched podcasts and i finally decided to delete all the past episodes and now it is  down to just a manageable weekly podcast dose of 53 podcasts, 18 hours :D Eliminating digital junk felt that good! I love watching and listening to podcasts downloaded from iTunes and synced to my iPhone. It always makes me a very patient person - I’m never out of things to do with a list of unwatched podcasts right in my iPhone! If friends ever wonder why i do not have any games in my iPhone, the culprit is podcast :D So i  thought of having an overview to what i generally listen to and divided them into 5 neat group…

Tech forms the biggest group with podcasts like CommandN, MacBreak, Tekzilla and our dear own Tech65. Fun + Ideas **is the next big group and i love injecting random freshness of various thoughts and conversation through TED, Ignite, Do lectures and Rick Steve’s Travel podcast. **Design podcasts have a series of short video tutorials like photoshop killer tips and pixelperfect by Bert Monroy! Under Biz +Finance **is have another range of podcasts from the Welch Way to the Sales’ Guys QDT. And finally, the **Quick Tips group has few podcasts from the QDT and Howcast networks.

So you can see why i am never really bored… coz i’m always on the go with some content to listen to and wonder. Do you listen to podcasts as well?