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Am I gonna create a disaster??

29 Dec 2005 on Musing

SO all these while I thought I knew how to cook until one day jazz, deeps and shab cornered me and asked, “How do you cook?” I answered, “Simple! Mom says put this and that…shake this and that…done!”. “Ok you dunno how to cook then” was the straight reply. WHAM!!!!….ok so following instructions and cooking is not cooking… GREAT!!!

But today my mom went out and asked me to cook soya chicken… ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no my parents are not at home now… did I do everything correctly?

The chicken…

The extra ingredients… I cut them. The onions made me tear a lot, but nobody came to my rescue.

Put oil + onions + garlic and stir…hmmm nice smell..hehe!!

Then put chicken + soya sauce + vinegar + capsicum + green chilli…

Cooking cooking…stirring stirring…

Ok done… I made sure that I squeezed the chicken to see if it’s cooked and I tasted a bit. I think it’s quite nice. Now waiting for the final verdict from dad and mom… did I forget anything?!??! No right?? Oh no should I have put salt or more soya or less green chilli??? And so this was Sweska’s very truly first cooking – Soya Sauce Chicken