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Akriti…Giving form to Thought

07 Aug 2005 on Musing

Just returned from meeting up with Akriti…and a lot of things are on my mind. It was a good meeting up…there were 10 of us and of course Gaya, the star was there. Hmmmm….the suspense that we all have been waiting for was finally revealed. As liling said…_this mystery man whom we are referring to none other than ………..*drum rolls*……….!! our good ol’ Angshuman-da! *clashing cymbals*!!!!!! _Gosh!! So exciting…love can indeed strike you at the most unexpected places and unexpected times!

Thanks Gaya for telling us about your love…and life! Angsuman da also happened to call us during the dinner…and we were grilling that poor shy guy!It’s just great catching up and then again retelling the stories of those 21 days we spent together and the friendship we made with people in a far-away land! We certainly miss those kids from Kalighat and those children from Tollygunge. We can’t seem to forget them. Gaya will be going back in December, so well we can send them back some photos and presents! Gaya…the teacher who made me tell Bengali stories to about 15 kindergarten kids…and darn I miss those kids laughing at me when I forgot how to say rhinoceros or hippopotamus in Bengali!!!!!…muahahhahah!!!

Oh btw…check out the brilliant Kolkata photography of yeow ming here and here…and of course the darling kalighat kids over here. Thanks yeow ming once again for your 5000 photos and precious memories!

It made me think about my roots once again…in a weird way Akriti has made a perfect connection between Singapore and who I am. I still remember when I was trying to convince my parents to let me go to Cambodia or Vietnam…it was a definite NO. Hmmm…then Akriti came and they agreed. Oh well…sometimes when you know about your origin, you discover more thing about yourself. Twists and turns of life! Every time I go back to India, it used to break my heart seeing the kids on the street…and you know what the saddest part is? After Akriti you realize that even if you spent 21 days with them…you cannot help them in any little way. Parand was so right…. they are teaching us more about life than we are teaching them! I was talking to liling and well one day I hope to do something…anything…for these kids, especially something to do with education.

So for all the memories, for all the lessons you’ve taught me, for all the connections you’ve made….Akriti….Dhonnobad!!!….errrr…wait a minute…you guys forgot or you need a refresher course from me?!?!??!….haha!