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07 Apr 2006 on Musing

I just have to do this before 7th April is over.

This will be a special day to remember because….


7th April started right from 12am. We were still in school…a RECORD!!!! We stayed in school until 130am…Returned home at 2am with a cab fare of 24 bucks!!! Was still editing the videos until I finally slept at 330am and then overslept until 630am. Took another cab to school by 8am. I’ll remember this night.

9am still printing reports and then finally 1040am the FINAL SHOWDOWN! I thought it all went well… we did the basic circuits of 8 on land and water, brakes on ramp and reverse on ramp. But well since every Tom, Dick Harry can do it… well we are just average i guess… oh no i’m becoming pessimist like jazz!!! NO NO NO….i think we did well!!

Uh finally all is over. Thanks gals! You all have been great team mates!

Log count of making the RC Vehicle

Log count of visits

Log count of Burnt and Lost and Bugged

Embarrassing Log counts

The Shop uncles said, “3rd year university!! Then you all should be better than me”:3 I got scalded by the hot hot solder iron rod and I screamed: 3

Uh… but the amount of memories collected: countless!

Parting is such a sweet sorrow