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A visit to the roof top

23 Dec 2006 on Musing

I cannot believe that i would be able to show you all the roof top that i was talking about so fast. I went back to my childhood neighbourhood yesterday. My house isn’t there anymore. It has already been demolished and replaced with a block of flat. But i really wanted to go to the top of the flat building to feel the space once again… the ironic space amidst the beautiful clutter!

Thankfully, the people in the neighbourhood recognised my dad as the borobabu of the old family that once used to reside in that neighbourhood. And immediately one of them took us up on the roof top.

It was a very emotional moment for me… i didn’t come to this place for almost 12 years. And so, i went up and i was standing amidst the same neighbourhood, but on the new roof top. The surroundings was exactly the same. The connected roof tops, the brown bricks and endless view of houses - all under the sky. I started recalling all my playtimes right here.

It’s so strange what time does to people and things. Somehow neither seems to change…