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A Hobby Room

18 Jul 2006 on Musing

You know this father and daughter relationship… we don’t really say our deep thoughts and feelings to each other, but somehow we just know. I can already imagine what would be his greatest joy - a hobby room.

A hobby room with a laptop  + Internet will be there in one corner so that he can learn some other programming languages and software. I think he’s one cool tech-savvy dad. At the age of 45 he learnt computers and today he’s programming customised software for his clients. I know he wants to learn more.

A keyboard with MIDI and digital facility will occupy another corner of this room… he was talking about the latest models from the Yamaha Store. It will of course have the music and sound system. He loves music. He used to play the piano accordion once.

And of course his aero-modelling stuff and books with blueprints on how to make remote-control plane models. He’ll need a big empty table for this. I think this is a really unique hobby. I remember when i was really young, he refused to let me come near his work table where he used to cut and sand paper his plane models. I can still remember the ZZZZzzzzz sound of the plane engines. He should really start this hobby once more, because in 1988 this was exactly what brought him to Singapore - way before we migrated here.

And finally, who can forget a Nikon DLSR camera with accessories and a tripod. He was a great amatuer film photographer winning a lot of awards. Seeing his old photography pal’s Flickr account something always gets him thrilled. Now he wants to learn digital photography… i can of course help him with photoshop!

I know in this way, he’ll see the world just like the way he once used to see… he yearns to see it again…

I hope I can let him see this world one day.