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a calling from Calais

10 Mar 2008 on Musing

Way too many things are happening in the same weekend.. weekend after weekend. Only last week, i was at my first rail station 1 hour before just to check my timing and destination. And this weekend, i was simply running, booking trains and driving away at the north of France, got fed a yummy french lunch by a grand-mere, drove away from Lille to Dunkerque to Calais along another autoroute.

… I reached Calais, the cliff of Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez from you can see England right across the English Channel… can you England yonder? Arnou says that this northern part looks like the English countryside… England is merely 33km across the sea… and it’s so beautiful and vast. A holiday chalet right here on the cliff would be just great!