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5 Self-Bans

27 Aug 2006 on Musing

Gearing up for the Final Year Project. I have to set some boundaries for myself looking at how ‘productively’ I spent my time there on Friday - my first official day. I got a nice workspace in a room full of 3 super friendly grad students :) I guess after the piano exam I can stay there late in the peace and quietness. But I have to be disciplined and independent at the same time… and most importantly produce tangible results.

So here are the self-imposed rules:

1. Do not log into MSN I installed the MSN already - bad move. This is dangerous… hi hi hi…then ‘hi’s all turn to giggles and laughter and before you know an hour has just passed by.

2. Do not import the feeds.opml in the Firefox browser I found out how to export the feed list with opml format and have transferred the file to the hard disk and this is extremely dangerous. Once I install the feeds.opml, I’ll be reading feeds every other minute instead of reading WiMax or 802.16 papers. My workspace internet bookmarks should only contain research papers and tutorial links and nothing else.

3. Do not click the Music Folder in the hard disk Once you go into the folder, you’ll definitely click the play list icon and that’s it! I’ll sing with the music instead of looking at the simulation program. I cannot listen to music and study at the same time.

4. Do not use the elevator Your workspace is only the 2nd floor… so keep to the stairs!! Once you enter the lift, you’ll have the strong urge to go up to higher levels just for a supposed short visit and chat with audrey, jazz, jia or the roof top to take pics. Obviously it won’t be a short simple visit.

5. Do not go beyond the supervisor’s office Just go to the supervisor’s room for queries and back - not beyond. Because beyond that is the pantry and inevitably you’ll peer in for a free coffee or milo or tea for just 2 minutes… but obviously it won’t be 2 minutes!

And heee… maybe every Friday i can break these rules :D

But seriously, I need to get started already. The project is daunting and i do not know what i’ll get at the end. But hope i’ll climb up slowly just like the way i climb up the long flight of steps to the research centre… Step by Step… step by step…