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100 Most powerful women in 2006

14 Mar 2007 on Learning

This list is according to Forbes. Bold are the ones i know… and i should know the rest too!

  1. Angela Merkel Chancellor  Germany  **
  2. Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State  US 
  3. Wu Yi Vice Premier  China  **
  4. Indra Nooyi Chief Executive-Designate, PepsiCo  US 
  5. Anne Mulcahy Chairman and Chief Executive, Xerox  US 
  6. Sallie Krawcheck Chief Financial Officer, Citigroup  US 
  7. Patricia Woertz Chief Executive, Archer Daniels Midland  US 
  8. Anne Lauvergeon Chairman, Areva  France 
  9. Brenda Barnes Chairman and Chief Executive, Sara Lee  US 
  10. Zoe Cruz Co-President, Morgan Stanley  US 
  11. Irene Rosenfeld Chief Executive, Kraft Foods  US  **
  12. Melinda Gates Co-Founder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  US 
  13. Sonia Gandhi President, National Congress Party  India 
  14. Oprah Winfrey Chairman, Harpo  US** 
  15. Anne Sweeney Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks  US 
  16. Mary Sammons Chief Executive, President, Rite Aid  US 
  17. Michelle Bachelet President of Chile  **
  18. Hillary Rodham Clinton Senator, New York  US  **
  19. Ann Livermore Executive Vice President, Hewlett-Packard  US 
  20. Helen Clark Prime Minister  New Zealand 
  21. Safra Catz President and Chief Financial Officer, Oracle  US  **
  22. Margaret Whitman Chief Executive, President, eBay  US  **
  23. Julie Gerberding Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  US 
  24. Susan Arnold Vice Chairman, Beauty & Health, Procter & Gamble  US 
  25. Patricia Russo Chairman and Chief Executive, Lucent Technologies  US 
  26. Christine Poon Vice Chairman, Johnson & Johnson  US 
  27. Renetta McCann Chief Executive, Starcom MediaVest Group  US 
  28. Sima Samar Chairman, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission  Afghanistan 
  29. Margaret Beckett Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs  UK 
  30. Christine Lagarde Minister of Trade  France 
  31. Marjorie Scardino Chief Executive, Pearson  UK 
  32. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice  US  **
  33. Khaleda Zia Prime Minister  Bangladesh  **
  34. Suzanne Nora Johnson Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs  US 
  35. Wu Xiaoling Deputy Governor, People’s Bank of China  China  **
  36. Ho Ching Chief Executive, Temasek Holdings  Singapore** 
  37. Andrea Jung Chairman and Chief Executive, Avon Products  US 
  38. Neelie Kroes European Commissioner for Competition  Netherlands 
  39. Fumiko Hayashi Chief Executive, Daiei  Japan 
  40. Tzipora Livni Foreign Minister, Vice Prime Minister  Israel 
  41. Beth Brooke Global Vice Chairman, Ernst & Young  US 
  42. Marina Berlusconi Chairman, Fininvest  Italy  **
  43. Laura Bush First Lady, US** 
  44. Tarja Halonen President  Finland  **
  45. Gloria Arroyo President of Philippines 
  46. Queen Elizabeth II NA  UK 
  47. Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Peace Laureate  Myanmar** 
  48. Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader, House of Representatives  US 
  49. Theresa Gattung Chief Executive, Telecom New Zealand Group  New Zealand 
  50. Clara Furse Chief Executive, London Stock Exchange  UK 
  51. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf President  Liberia 
  52. Judy McGrath Chairman and Chief Executive, MTV Networks  US 
  53. Ann Moore Chairman and Chief Executive, Time Inc.  US 
  54. Katie Couric Anchor, The CBS Evening News  US 
  55. Mary McAleese President  Ireland 
  56. Linda Cook Executive Director, Gas and Power, Royal Dutch Shell Group  US 
  57. Michele Alliot-Marie Minister of Defense  France 
  58. Paula Rosput Reynolds Chief Executive, Safeco  US 
  59. Amy Pascal Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group  US 
  60. Diane Sawyer Co-Anchor, ABC’s Good Morning America  US 
  61. Susan Ivey Chairman and Chief Executive, Reynolds American  US 
  62. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Minster of Foreign Affairs  Nigeria 
  63. Vaira Vike-Freiberga President  Latvia 
  64. Marilyn Carlson Nelson Chairman and Chief Executive, Carlson Cos.  US 
  65. Guler Sabanci Chairman, Sabanci Holding  Turkey 
  66. Dora Bakoyannis Foreign Minister  Greece 
  67. Nancy McKinstry Chief Executive, Wolters Kluwer  Netherlands 
  68. Han Myung-sook Prime Minister  South Korea 
  69. Meredith Vieira Co-anchor, The Today Show US 
  70. Mian Mian Yang Chairman, Haier Group  China 
  71. Antonia Ax:son Johnson Chairman, Axel Johnson Group  Sweden 
  72. Nahed Taher Founder and Chief Executive, Gulf One Investment Bank  Saudi Arabia 
  73. Ana Patricia Botin Executive Chairman, Banesto  Spain 
  74. Janet Robinson Chief Executive, The New York Times Co.  US 
  75. Nancy Tellem President, CBS Paramount Television Entertainment Group  US 
  76. Angela Ahrendts Chief Executive, Burberry  UK 
  77. Susan Berresford President, Ford Foundation  US 
  78. Dawn Hudson President and Chief Executive, Pepsi-Cola North America  US  **
  79. Christiane Amanpour Chief International Correspondent, CNN  US  **
  80. Christie Hefner Chairman and Chief Executive, Playboy Enterprises  US  **
  81. Queen Rania NA  Jordan  **
  82. Colleen Barrett President, Southwest Airlines  US 
  83. Luisa Diogo Prime Minister  Mozambique 
  84. Stephanie Burns Chairman and Chief Executive, Dow Corning  US 
  85. Marie Ehrling President, TeliaSonera Sweden  Sweden 
  86. Vivian Banta Vice Chairman, Prudential Financial  US 
  87. Rochelle Lazarus Chairman and Chief Executive, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide  US 
  88. Galia Maor Chief Executive, Bank Leumi  Israel 
  89. Portia Simpson Miller Prime Minister  Jamaica 
  90. Gail Berman President, Paramount Pictures  US 
  91. Maha Al-Ghunaim Founder, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Global Investment Hous  Kuwait 
  92. Cathleen Black President, Hearst Magazines  US 
  93. Lalita Gupte & Kalpana Morparia Joint Managing Directors, ICICI Bank  India 
  94. Stacey Snider Chief Executive and Co-Chairman, DreamWorks  US 
  95. Vidya Chhabria Chairman, Jumbo Group  Dubai 
  96. Sharon Allen Chairman, Deloitte & Touche USA  US 
  97. Lubna Olayan Chief Executive, Olayan Financing  Saudi Arabia 
  98. Martha Nelson Editor, The People Group  US 
  99. Orit Gadiesh Chairman, Bain & Co.  US 
  100. Imre Barmanbek Deputy Chairman, Dogan Holding  Turkey