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Subjunctive Verbs

22 Jun 2008 on learning

Subjunctive is a special rare verb in English. The structure is extremely simple: - be (past)  - I were, you were, he/ she/it were, we were, they were - be (present) - I be, you be, he/ she/ it be, we be, they be - a*ll other verbs (past & present) *- I play, you play, he/ she/it play, we play, they play

The subjunctive is typically used after 3 structures:

  1. the verbs: ask, command, demand, insist, propose, recommend, request, suggest + that
  2. the nouns: demand, recommendation, insistence, request, preference, request, proposal, suggestion 
  3. the expressions: it is desirable, essential, important, necessary, imperative, vital + that

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